Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Hobby: Plant Life

I have developed quite an obsession with air plants and succulents over the past few months. I love that they're easy to care for, and look amazing in various vessels.  This first one, I purchased as-is from Foodland in Aina Haina.  
 To my surprise, it grew this pretty flower a few weeks later. 
Most of the fun is finding the right glass vessel for my air plants.  They need just the right size and shape to match the plant. 

Here are some of my outdoor friends.  Some of my aunties kindly donated  air plants for me to grow in my yard.  They grow at turtle speed, so I don't expect them to look much different for a while. 
 Mini bonsai...
So there it is! I have a new hobby that calms me and makes me feel all domestic.  I will share my lettuce and herbs in another post.