Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I recommend taking a weekday off...

You can take a 4 mile trot around Diamond Head in beautiful sunny weather, and then find the taco truck you've heard about from everyone...

Located off of Kapahulu on Mokihana St. (right across Safeway), we ordered burritos.

Then we couldn't resist eating some shave ice with ice cream, while waiting for said burritos. Who knew Waiola was on this street? Apparently they've been there for 2 years. Lucky us for stumbling upon this location, while searching for that taco truck!

You gotta love Hawaii.

Before I forget...

A new weekend is upon us, and I didn't even do a post for last week. Can't wait to start my weekend! The brain is fried.

I am loving how the blue writing pops on the pink boxes at Leonard's. Hadn't eaten a malasada in forever, and the warm sugary goodness was worth the calories. We stopped by the mini shop in Pearl City.

Went to the car show last weekend. I usually don't mind the Geico gecko, but he looked creepy in giant form and I'm suspicious of those hands.

Made red velvet cupcakes on Sunday with the new WORKING oven!! It's been over 2 years, since we used anything other than a toaster oven. My first creation: Sprinkles cupcakes! Did you know that you can buy the mix at Williams Sonoma? It's almost as good as buying them straight from the Beverly Hills store.

The cupcakes came out delicious, as my nephew's smile will tell you.

Earlier this week, I snapped this pic while eating lunch in my car on the windward side. About 2 minutes later, there was tons of wind and rain. It's been one of those springs.

Have a fabulous weekend!
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Another beautiful March weekend...

Saturday started off with a quick stop at Walgreens. We were pleasantly surprised to see the girls in green selling their delicious cookies. Being a former scout myself, I couldn't resist picking up a few boxes to support of course :) Tagalongs are the best!

Then it was time for some fun at the pool with the fam bam...

On Sunday, we checked out a live art/literacy campaign at Kahala Mall. Love that people are putting on events for kids that bring talented artists out for the day.

Loved this part of the mural...

Then we went to The Counter for lunch. Here's my ahi burger with wasabi aioli...

Bruce's burger had tempura bacon. He thought it was o.k. We did the 50/50 regular fries and sweet potato fries. Vanilla shake was good stuff.

Bruce says we can stop eating burgers on the weekend now.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Gnomes, burgers, & dogs...

Spotted these uber cute lights in my mom's garden. I'm a sucker for gnomes.

Lunch at Burgers on the Edge in Kapahulu today. This is my vegetarian quinoa patty with tomato, lettuce, onion, cheddar, and mushroom. Loved the sweet potato fries.

Bruce had something meatier. His review, "it's nothin special.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere dogs..

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